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De-risking entrepreneurship through financial diversification and peer community.

How it works

Common Tide is a private fund that allows startup founders who meet the qualification criteria to invest 1% - 5% of their own founder stock into the fund, thereby becoming Limited Partners in the fund, gaining exposure to other fund assets besides their own equity and diversifying their financial risk. Further, Common Tide facilitates community and founder-to-founder relationships among their network of LPs, so that founders can access mentorship and peer advice to support their personal and professional journeys.

For founders by founders

There's a paradox among startup founders. We all know that in a few years’ time, our company will be a unicorn and we will be a billionaire. And yet, for 99+% of founders, this prediction is wildly untrue. In fact, nearly 67% of startups that raise seed funding fail to exit or raise follow-on funding (source: CB Insights). Even more, we have no objective way of knowing what our outcome will be.  

Common Tide ensures that a founder's financial outcome isn't solely dependent on the outcome of their company and allows founders the opportunity for financial diversification at a moment at which risk and uncertainty is maximal.

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